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Some Details About Myself & My World Record

Introduction : My name is Abdul Ghani. I am muslim Karachi Pakistan and belongs to a middle class family. It is my pleasure that I created a world record for my country by creating Worlds Smallest Media Player software. And international media B.B.C has encouraged my work on their T.V channel as well as on their web site. They also put my interview on their web site. it can be seen that interview online at


The organization Pride of Pakistan has also awarded me and my details published on their website. Our Pakistani Media has been highlighted my story time by time there are some channels who have interviewed me you can find the videos at YouTube link


 . I have also nominated for the 7th N.C.R IT excellence Award of 2006.

. I have furthermore awards from Pakistani site Apnamarkaz.com.

. Except these I have many more awards on graphic creations (theme based images) from many graphic sites like graphicalicus.com and deviantart.com.

Qualification: I am a B.Com, I also have a diploma of Information Technology from S.D.C. (Islamabad) and various Diplomas & Certificates (national & international) about Computer Graphics & I.T. I have a good knowledge about computer operation I have taught in many institutes in Karachi.

Profession : I am working as Design Engineer in an LLC firm in Dubai since 2013, I also work part time as freelancer since 2001, I deal in Graphics, Web Designing and IT Support.

Introduction about my player

What is Gadget?

(Definition by Microsoft)

 Gadgets are mini applications with a wide variety of possible uses. Gadgets can connect to web services to deliver weather information, news updates, traffic maps, Internet radio streams, and slide shows of online photo albums. Gadgets can also integrate with your applications to streamline your interaction with them. For example, a gadget can give you an ataglance view of all your online instant messaging contacts, the day view from your calendar, or an easy way to control your media player. Of course, gadgets can also have any number of dedicated purposes. They can be calculators, games, sticky notes, and more.

NANO” (the smallest media player of the world)

(this is the actual size of Nano)

Nano is the Smallest fully functional media player Gadget which is just 21x16 pixels, smaller than icon size which is usually 32x32. I try to do my best and spend a lot of time but thank God I have got success to create this extremely small which was looks like impossible yet. My created media player can play various kind of audio and video files. Its supported audio file types are (mp1,mp2.mp3,ogg,wma,asf,) & Video file types are (avi,asf,wmv,mpeg,mpg,m1v,qt,mov,ram,dat,rm etc.).

I am 100% sure that no one in the world can create dimensionally smaller than NANO an now it has been proven since 11years no one could create a layer with this size fully functional, because it is not possible that with all these functions any one can break my record.

I hope You Enjoy to use this amazing mediaplayer Gadget.

Download Nano

My Skill Set

Raster Graphic Designing
Vector Graphic Designing
Web Design
E-Commerce Web Development
IT Support
App Development
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    CMS Site Development

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     Adobe Photoshop

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    Adobe Illustrator

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    Adobe Dreamweaver

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    Adobe InDesign

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    HTML 5 Sites

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    Corel Draw

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    Swish Max

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    Visual Studio